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{1:18} And summoning them, the king said, “What did you intend to do, so that you would save the boys?”
{1:19} They responded: “The Hebrew women are not like the Egyptian women. For they themselves have the wisdom of a midwife, and so they give birth before we can come to them.”

These woman not only spared the baby boys' lives, but also warned and taught the Hebrew women to do this labor so they can help themselves.

{1:20} Therefore, God acted favorably toward the midwives. And the people increased, and they were strengthened exceedingly.

God rewarded the Egyptian midwives for disobeying the evil order of their leader and doing what is good.

{1:21} And because the midwives feared God, he built houses for them.

Notice that these women were pagans, they did not have received true religion teachings, yet love of neighbor is implicit love for the true God, so they can be saved and receive rewards from God for doing good to the best of their knowledge.

{1:22} Therefore, Pharaoh instructed all his people, saying: “Whatever will be born of the male sex, cast it into the river; whatever will be born of the female sex, retain it.”

Similar evil, infanticide, will do king Herod to little male children of Bethlehem thousands of years later, when the Messiah arrives.
John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26
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