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Originally Posted by TheGiftOfLife View Post
...I dont think the faithful are getting a bad message if a priest, for instance, leaves out the "sign of peace" since that is optional in the liturgy.

This is an interesting point... I went to a Mass in another city where the priest asked us to bow our heads and to pray for peace instead of the usual "sign of peace", and then moved right into the Lamb of God, so there was no hand shaking. I appreciated this, though I did not receive any explanation as to why he made the change. In this case it seemed to be reverent. In the case of the change in the Creed to "We believe" which was spoken into the priest's microphone while everyone else is saying "I believe", seemed scandalous to me. But, like I said, it may have been a simple mistake made by an elderly retired priest.

I do think that the virtue of obedience can be modeled by both clergy and laity during the Mass, by doing what is recommended for proper liturgy. What is said and done at Mass can and does spill over into every day life, especially for so many lay people who do not further educate themselves about their faith, but rely on what is heard on the street, so to speak. The people in this discussion group obviously care enough to try to learn more about their faith, but so many people just don't and it is a miracle that they even go to Mass.

Personally, I was spiritually uplifted by the Sunday evening Masses at the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia. Archbishop Chaput is such a blessing to our Church, and I continue to cherish the memory of our short time there. The cantor, also, was not only a fine singer, but was very reverent in her gestures, always mindful and never fidgeting, not even once. This example goes a long way toward encouraging others to be holy in every day life, in my opinion.