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Originally Posted by Pontifex View Post
And what did happen exactly to the faithful after the NO ???

See, its this is this kind of flag waving from traditionalist that I detest: its the fault of the NO. I don't know if you are one or not, but this is typical traditionalist speak.

The change to the Novus Ordo happened before I was born, so I can't say with authority, but I have noticed negativity on both sides. My father-in-law loved the changes of Vatican II, but says that it didn't go far enough and he wanted a married priesthood, women priests, etc. He gets angry at the drop of a hat with anyone who disagrees, and I have met many others like him, who resist any type of authority and who vilify the Hierarchy and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the Rosary. Was this the result in the change to the Novus Ordo? I don't think so, rather, the change in attitude of the faithful coincided with Vatican II, but wasn't caused by it. Then, there are extremists on the traditionalist side who get angry about rock and folk music in church, etc.

Personally, as a convert, I try to be observant and not get too upset. If something bothers me too much, I can always try to find another parish, as did tapinu33. There is something to be said for sticking with one's territorial parish and finding fellowship there, even with the many flaws. Think of the missionaries of past eras who were perhaps very lonely in a faraway land without the splendor of a beautiful liturgy.

I did go to the Tridentine Mass recently for the first time, but I just couldn't get into it, though I did really try. I even read a book about it. Also, I can't receive communion there, because of my allergy to wheat, as the chalice is not offered.

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