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Originally Posted by Sacredcello View Post
Personally, as a convert, I try to be observant and not get too upset. If something bothers me too much, I can always try to find another parish, as did tapinu33.

I am the same way. We attend the Cathedral here where I live and things bother me like the kneelers that were stripped away a long time ago, etc. I have learned that these things are secondary, important, but secondary, and that the Mass is beautiful because our Lord is present when the host is consecrated.

Liturgies have changed over the course of the centuries and maybe are a reflection of the place of the Church in the world. I think that as we enter the end times, our liturgy will be lived more an more like it was lived at the beginning of Christianity, in small communities, at people's homes, away and hidden from the secular pagan societies wishing to get rid of every trace of religion.
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