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re: God's gender

there is confusion here on some of catholics apologist which I find hard to explain. This is in regards to Jesus Ascencion : what is his nature when he ascended? Some said spirit that is why God has no gender. The other said human ( which was being questioned then God has a gender). For all I know Christ ascended body and soul, with a glorified body so sex does not matter for there is no marriage in heaven.

Since the Incarnation, the Second Person of the Trinity has two natures, the Divine Nature and His human nature, and these natures can never be separated. So even when Jesus died, and his body separated from his soul, the Divine Nature remained united to both his body and his soul. Since the Resurrection, Jesus' human nature consists of body and soul and Divinity united.

Certainly, after the Resurrection, Jesus remains male and He retains much the same body, though glorified. The fact that there is no marriage or sex after the general Resurrection does not imply a lack of gender. For Jesus and Mary both were perfect virgins prior to death and Resurrection, yet each has his and her respective gender. Also, Mary continues to appear in private revelations as a woman, not as a gender-neutral spirit.

The faithful in Heaven have no bodies, only souls, but gender is more than mere body parts. So the souls in Heaven remain the same persons, some male and others female. After the general Resurrection, there is no marriage or sex, but gender is more than sex; each person remains male or female.

The glorified body is not spirit. The glorified body is like the bodies of Adam and Eve before the Fall, and more so like the bodies of Jesus and Mary after their Resurrections and Ascension/Assumption. The glorified body has preternatural abilities (beyond nature) but it remains a body. That is why, after God takes away heaven and earth, He makes a new heaven AND a new earth, not a new heaven only -- because we are body and soul after the Resurrection.

The Divine Nature has no gender. However, all Creation is a reflection of the Nature of God, and humanity especially is made in the image of God. But in humanity, there is male and female; this division is a reflection of the distinction and relationship between God and Creation. God is the head of Creation, just as a husband is the head of his wife, just as Christ is the head of His bride the Church. So males are given by God certain roles of authority, leadership, and teaching, not given to females because God is the head of Creation. But for the same reason, God is referred to as male (He, Him, His). It is not so much that the Divine Nature is male, but that, in the God-Creation relationship, the male gender is a reflection of God and the female gender is a reflection of Creation.
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