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Default The Coming Fiat Collapse?


I came across these videos recently, and I wanted to share them with everyone on this forum because they really put our financial system into perspective. If there is going to be a worldwide famine in our lifetime, Mike’s prediction make the most sense for me. What do you think?
In his 10 videos, Mike Maloney shares his understanding of monetary history, economics, and recurring financial cycles. I found videos 2 and 3 most interesting.

"For 2,400 years, as people have lost faith in fiat currencies; they have turned to real money in the form of gold and silver," Mike says. "Today, with global debt spiraling and governments increasingly manipulating currencies and taxing savers, the stage is set for a modern 'gold rush' to the safe haven of precious metals just when supplies of those metals are precariously low. The opportunity for those who position themselves in precious metals ahead of the crowd is like none we will see again in our lifetimes."

Video 1: Money vs Currency

Video 2: Seven Stages Of Empire

Video 3 : The Death Of The US Dollar As World Reserve

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