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The following questions may or not be answered already, in any case, I don't know where they are:

#1) A Counterfeit Priest:
If a faithful couple who freely love each other in Christ, get married in a Catholic Church, then there is consummation and have children. Years later, they find out that the priest who married them was not a real priest, but a man dressed or pretending to be a priest. The couple didn't know at all that was a false priest. Is this marriage null?

#2) A couple gets married in a Catholic Church, this case with a real priest; however, there are no witnesses at all, or the witnesses fail to attend. Is this marriage null?

#3) This question is aside marriage, but a regular Mass. If, when consecrating the host and wine, a real priest says al the correct words of consecration, but the priest doesn't believe at all that the bread and wine will become the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Does the transubstantiation still occur?
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