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These was asked by evangelicals :I know that there are at least eight ( dogmas namely:

1. Mother of God
2. Immaculate Conception
3. Perpetual Virginity
4. Assumption
5. Mother of the Church
6. Co-Redemptrix
7. Co-Mediatrix
8. Queen of Heaven and Earth

So, my questions are the following:

1. Are these dogmas imposed by the Vatican will be a 'great threat' against the faith of the Catholic Church? Why or why not?

2. What will be the effects of the dogmas of Mary for the Catholic believers?

3. What will happen to the Christocentricity of the Roman Catholic Church?

4. Is the Roman Catholic Church facing a 'Marian Era'?

5. If there is such thing, what will be the next Marian dogma sounds like? Is the next dogma will be like 'Queen of queens' and 'Lady of ladies' or stuff?

6. Does Mariology affects Soteriology, to be general, the salvation of Christians?
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