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Originally Posted by Ron Conte View Post
Here is a doctrinal error by Cardinal Burke on the ethics of voting:

Ron, I just dont see how one can vote for a pro-abort because of other moral issues.

I would like to go through this very carefully to define this and to use examples.

Here are the only reasons I can come up with that would be acceptable reasons for voting for a pro-abort. Please give me any other example that you think I have missed.

A) The voter is completely ignorant and does not know the infallible teaching of the church when it comes to abortion.
B) All candidates and/or VIABLE candidates are equally pro-aborts and the person has voted based on other moral issues
C) All candidates and/or VIABLE candidates are NOT equally pro-aborts and the person has voted for the least affective pro-abort
D) All candidates and/or VIABLE PRO-LIFE candidates have positions on other moral issues with the equal weight of abortion, such as someone who is against abortion, but is committed to drop a nuke on an entire country.

Catholics that I know, vote for pro-aborts because they want open borders, or socialized medicine. These are moral issues that are not infallibly taught by the church.

Once again, I ask that examples be given because its much easier to understand rather than a high top level ideology.
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