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Originally Posted by TheGiftOfLife View Post
Ok, I understand your here on the general concept and the words I have used to explain myself were general so I will stick to the specific example.
Doesn't abortion carry more moral weight than "immigration or Socialized health care vs our current health care"? - Thats the real question I did not mean to imply that infallible teaching, no matter what the teaching, has greater moral weight over ever non-infallible teaching.
I would like a comment on the moral weight of the example above, and while we are at it, please give an example of infallible teaching that has lesser moral weight of fallible teaching.

Ethics is based on the three fonts of morality.
Suppose that the voter has only good intentions.
The act of voting for a person is not intrinsically evil.
So the morality of the act is then determined by the reasonably anticipated good and bad consequences. If the weighty issue of abortion has little effect on an election (e.g. voting for school board), and another issue such as the school budget or the school curriculum has a big effect in an election, then the reasonably anticipated good consequences of the budget and the curriculum outweigh the reasonably anticipated bad consequences of having a board member who is pro-abortion.

It is not the general weight of an issue in the abstract, that determines the morality of the third font, but rather the reasonably anticipated good and bad consequences.
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