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Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
But Vatican I also says that the pope speaks infallibly, "independantly of the consensus of the Church." This seems problematic to the EAstern mind, because it seems to reduce the Church to the Pope, since it seems to imply that the Pope bears Tradition on his shoulders entirely without reference to the Mind of the Church corporately. It also implies to many in the East that his charisma bears no relationship to the Conciliar nature of the Church as the East understands it.

There is an error among some Catholics (which I call Magisteriumism) which tends to see the Pope as the only source of truth in the Church. This view is heretical.

The sources of truth in the Catholic Faith are: Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium. The Magisterium is not above Tradition and Scripture, but instead serves Tradition and Scripture. The Pope can only exercise papal infallibility when teaching from Tradition and Scripture. Since he is teaching from Tradition, which is transmitted as a living Tradition in the lives of all faithful Christians, he is not above as a tyrant, but below as a servant.

However, it is a required belief in the Catholic faith, and one which the Orthodox must accept for the sake of unity, that the Pope by himself can infallibly define any truth of faith, morals, or salvation found in Tradition and Scripture.
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