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Default Re: The role of an informed conscience

Originally Posted by Unapologetic Catholic
I believe the correct asnswer is somewhere in between these two extremes.
I agree. The primacy of conscience idea would have us believe that we can each do whatever we think is right, no matter what. This is not the path that Jesus taught. All manner of sin might be done by someone claiming that their conscience permits it.

On the other hand, there are those who claim that one must be unswervingly obedient to one's local Bishop, and must believe every fallible ordinary teaching of the Church without question. They ignore the fact that there always seems to be some Bishops who disagree with their fellow Bishops. We cannot treat each diocese led by a Bishop as if it were a separate religion, each going its own way.

I'm working on some articles that adress this topic of faithful dissent. There is certainly room for any member of the faithful to question and dissent, to some degree, from ordinary magisterial teachings and from the temporal decisions of the Church.

Ron Conte
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