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Default Primacy of conscience follow up

Ron, thanks for your thoughts. In another post you mentioned that the Catholic Democrats had fallen into the heresy of priamcy of conscience.

I think I know what you mean and I'd agree but I'd like to explore this a bit.

The statement seemed to be addressing abortion.

What is the level of the Church's teaching on abortion? I do not think it's dogma, nor is it a subject of a papal ex cathedra declaration. Still, the church's teaching is so closely connected to scripture, so specific and the subject of a multitude of encyclicals, letters,etc., that I don't think a serious argument could be made that the teaching is not part of the ordinary magisterium.

I point all this out to contrast with some other subjects. I'm happily married in the Church with my child-raising years behind me so neither the church's teaching on homosexuality or its teaching on artifical contraception directly impact me. But I still think that he Church's teachings on these two subjects are far less scripturally connected, far less universally recognized and far more likely to be incomplete. How do you see these teachings with regard to the ordinary magisterium and the level of assent?
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