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Ron, there are many cases of ectopic pregnancies that do not get diagnosed and the baby survives. It is rare but it does happen. How do we reconcile this?

The morality of any knowingly chosen act depends on the three fonts. In this case, the third font is the totality of the good consequences for all persons affected by the act weighed against the bad consequences. But the consequences are what is reasonably anticipated, including any degree of likelihood. So there may be a very small possibility that the prenatal could survive, but a much more probable risk to the life of the mother (and her death would result in the prenatal's death also). The morality of the third font is based on a reasonable evaluation of the likelihood of good and bad consequences, not on the actual outcome.

So if you decide to take the kids with you on a drive to the supermarket, and you get into a car accident and one child dies, the morality of the act of taking the kids to the supermarket was only based on the small degree of risk, not on the actual outcome. The chosen act does not become immoral if a very unlikely bad consequence occurs.
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