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Default Divine Providence

{5:5} You should not use your mouth so as to cause your flesh to sin. And you should not say, in the sight of an Angel, “There is no Providence.” For God, being angry at your words, may scatter all the works of your hands.

These are strong words. We have all had direct experiences with Providence in our lives. Ever since I started reading Ron's articles yesterday I have been surprisingly recollected and sober about things. Usually I am a high strung person but I have been surprisingly calm.

Today I was walking to my car at work. The office here has about 3000 employees (and believe me when the economy crashes and this place goes under I will rejoice). I am not the type of person who dates or seeks relationship with women. I prefer to spend my time seeking knowledge and truth in study though I am no means perfect in this. Anyhow all of a sudden this attractive woman and I start talking and hitting it off on the walk back to my car. We said good night etc.

I got back to my car and she is in my head for 5 minutes or so. And then it hit me, I lost my recollection and fear of God. And I said to myself perhaps this was a little test. Just the fact I could sense this little riff of a temptation is good.

I have a long way to go in reforming my life before the Warning. I am afraid because I have this knowledge before the event even occurs. God may scrutinize me even more:

{12:47} And that servant, who knew the will of his Lord, and who did not prepare and did not act according to his will, will be beaten many times over.
{12:48} Yet he who did not know, and who acted in a way that deserves a beating, will be beaten fewer times. So then, of all to whom much has been given, much will be required. And of those to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be asked.

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