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Mario I think we both know which board it is. Taking Pope Pius XI and John Paul II out of context because of the title "Queen of Heaven", etc, etc.

What they fail to see, is when we recite the sign of the Cross. It is only the 3 Divine persons of the Holy Trinity and does not include Mary. This is the same sign of the Cross that is a precursor and concludes the recitation of the "Hail Mary" and every other prayer.

When we state the Profession of Faith it's, "He was born of the virgin Mary and became man." Virgin Mary and Divine Mary would be 2 different statements.

There is a distinct difference between worshipping Mary and having an adoration towards her and giving her the due respect she deserves.

They just really irked me because they take everything of the Roman Catholic faith out of context. Not the first time the Vatican has been criticized. Sometimes I think people seek out potential flaws in statements by the Church and linguistics. Fundamentally they need to first look at one basic fact by answering a simple question...

From Whom does the Roman Catholic Church come from? Once answered accurately, one should proceed with great caution before questioning the tenants thereof. Most agree challenging a judge in their courtroom would be similar to walking a dangerous line. The same applies.

On a similar note, while I don't observe the Judaic faith, I have a high level of respect for a religion whose people are God's chosen. Slamming their belief system would accomplish nothing.

True that no one can come before the Father except through Christ alone, but we hail Mary because she is favored among women and had a close relationship with Our Lord.

Sorry for the ranting tangent.
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