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Cool "Woman"

When Jesus used the title "woman" (gnyai), it served as a title of respect and dignity. Jesus would never have dismissed the fourth commandment by rebuking his mother in public and thereby dishonouring her. Jesus' question actually was intended to invite his mother to solicit him and intercede on behalf of the wedding guests. It is more a declaration of acknowledgement than a question: the hour has arrived at last for Jesus to begin his ministry under the shadow of the cross; his mother's concern does in fact affect him. Bishop Fulton J Sheen saw our Lord's question as his way of reminding his mother that from this point on their relationship will never be as it was; Mary must now let go of her Son and give him to us in marriage as bride and groom: the bride being the Church. Jesus reciprocated by giving his mother to us true believers and disciples from the cross.

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