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Default In Medjugorje at this moment

Hi all
People here say Medjugorje has had less visitors this summer.
It is supposedly due to Fatima 100 anniv this year and pilgrims choosing to go there. With yesterday being Feast of Assumption town was packed because of daytrippers. Evening Adoration outdoors was from 10pm to 11pm. It was so crowded that people could not even find single seats. Hundreds had to kneel on the ground in the aisles between seats. It was such a blessing to be present.
When I was here last year I twice experienced very emotional, tearful Holy Communion in Saint James Church. In the year since it had not happened again. However, on Monday I attended my first Holy Mass on this trip, at 10 am in St James and again I was reduced to an emotional, tearful, blubbering wreck, upon receiving the Eucharist. I was overcome with a feeling of being totally enveloped in love. I know God blesses powerfully here. God bless
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