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I think I misrepresented my thoughts on paper. I do not think women are better than men. Men and women are equal but different, to me pretty obvious. There has been so much banter about it, and no counterpoint was ever made on the forum. Instead of pointing out what roles women should not assume, I am just pointing out the gifts that women did receive, upon their conception. Would you consider it heretical to say that the pain suffered during childbirth, in a woman in the state of grace, can be included to increase in holiness. Much in the same way that my voluntary suffering for my love of God increases my holiness.

These thoughts I learned from listening to a St. John Vianney Seminary instructor of theology of the body speaking on the topic of Pope John Paul II's Theology of the body. I did not realize it was a heretical statement, my apologies. Maybe I misunderstood or poorly articulated his points.
2cor 7:1 Therefore, having these promises, most beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all defilement of the flesh and of the spirit, perfecting sanctification in the fear of God.

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