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Default why did Satan tempt Eve?

Why did Satan tempt Eve, and not Adam? He could have tempted Adam first, or he could have tempted Eve first and then Adam. But he tempted Eve, first her and only her.

Satan fell from grace because he rebelled against God. He was unwilling to worship God-made-man, Jesus Christ, because human nature is less than angelic nature. Satan rebelled against the order whereby God is above created persons; he refused to worship God. He rebellion was the lesser rebelling against the greater. In this way, too, he abandoned his proper place in the hierarchy of angels.

So when humanity was created, in Adam and Eve, Satan wanted this same rebellion to be repeated. Since Adam was created first, and Eve was created to be his helper, there was a certain order to humanity. Adam was the head of Eve, just as God is the head of Creation. Adam was the head of Eve, just as Christ is the head of the Church. So Satan chose to tempt Eve, rather than Adam, because he wanted the same type of rebellion of the lesser against the greater.
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