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Originally Posted by jbbt9 View Post
Can. 917 "A person who has already received the Most Holy Eucharist can receive it a second time on the same day only within the eucharistic celebration in which the person participates, without prejudice to the prescript of ⇒ can. 921, 2."

does this mean you must attend ALL of the Mass for the second reception

or would it be sufficient to be present during the Consecration

if you arrived 2 or 3 minutes late would you be unable to receive (if you had previously received that same day

I am specifically referring to weekdays rather than Sunday attendance when we should attend a full Mass.
However, the same point could arise on a Sunday if you have already attended one full Mass and received - then you went to a second Sunday Mass and arrived a few moments late, then could you receive again at that Mass.

God bless all

No, late arrival of a few minutes never disqualifies the person from reception of Communion. The doctrinal and ethical principle here is that a small failure is not a grave sin, and a small failure cannot disqualify someone from continuing on the path of salvation. The Sacraments are important to our path of salvation, and the Baptized faithful have a right to receive Communion.

Can. 912 Any baptized person not prohibited by law can and must be admitted to holy communion.

So the relatively limited fault of arriving late for Mass does not disqualify a person from receiving Communion.

I would say, though, that if a person had already received Communion the same day, AND they arrived very late for the second Mass, they should not receive at the second Mass. It is not a right, nor is it necessary to salvation to receive more than one in a day -- except if the person is near death.
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