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Originally Posted by Abba25 View Post
I have been following CP for many years, and i have seen Ron's prediction's not come thru many times...I don't blame Ron for this at all..what Ron attempts to do is identify what he believes to be true prophecy and connect the dots and extrapolate the future...tough to do... hasn't been successful yet...again , I don't blame him at one else I know about, bases their conclusions on reliable sources or at least interpretations of comments from what is believed to be a reliable prophecy.

Anyway..havent heard recently on what Ron's latest dates are regarding the next major biblical prophecy happening...can you share your most recent I recall, the next most likely time period is in the easter time period of 2021

Maybe I could help with this. I would like to share my opinions about this in the following posts. My opinions are based on Ron's work, my opinions about certain prophecies, and some additional information I came across.
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