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Erin Rose
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Default Thank you Feyfifer

Dear Feyfifer
I am a sinner in need of the Lords mercy and the only nobility that dwells in me is the Holy Spirit. My daily prayer to our Lord after spiritual communion is;
Stay with me Lord for you know how easily I abandon you
Stay with me Lord if you wish me to be faithful to you
Stay with me Lord for you are my life without you I am without fervour
Stay with me Lord for you are my strength without you I am weak
Stay with me Jesus for it is you alone I look for
Your love, Your will, your Heart , Your mercy; I desire that my heart be a place of consolation for you a nest of love, with a firm love I will love you with all my heart while here on earth and continue to love you perfectly during all eternity. Amen. So may it be.
St Padre Pio