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Default conflict between a pastor and the music director

Here is a secular news story on a conflict between a pastor and the music director:

The attitude of the music director and some of the parishoners is strange. It is as if they are not referring to a church and a pastor, but to a secular business.

"He [the music director] said he met with Astarita in August to discuss the remarks and to reveal he was gay and had a partner of 15 years. 'His comments against gay marriage were insensitive and uncomfortable,' said Russell, who admitted he felt pressured to leave his job."

So he has been living in sin, in a homosexual relationship, for 15 years. But he feels he was wronged because the pastor preaches what the Church treaches. He seems to have no realization that his actions are grave sins under Church teaching. It is as if he were working at a secular job.

"Longtime church member Pam Lakefield was in the congregation when Astarita preached the sermon and said his comments were 'offensive,' and that the priest is teaching horrible thoughts. 'Hes losing parishioners,' said Lakefield, a member since 1970, who is strongly considering leaving the church."

I think that she has already left the Church in her heart and mind.
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