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This is a problem with many parishes. This priest is courageous to speak the truth. As pastor, it his responsibility to do so.

I think many gay music directors, such as Russell, who are openly gay and "married" to their partners by law, would keep quiet if the pastor at their church were to begin preaching in this manner. Thus, in those situations, it might be possible to retain a gay music director, if he or she is willing to keep their private life to themselves. But, in many cases, such as with Russell, this is not acceptable and they are not willing to acknowledge Catholic teaching or her authority to teach. The choir, also, is put in a very awkward position. They get to know the director personally in rehearsals, etc., and feel they are being "judgmental" if they go against the homosexual lifestyle which is presented as something inherent to the person.

I pray that more pastors will have the courage that Astarita has shown.
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