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You know Joey I have to admit the thought of hell scares me greatly. It must be a lifetime ago since I heard a priest preach on hell. I mean really preach on it. When they do have to mention it you can see the whole topic embarrasses them, the same way with Satan and demonic possession and many, 'In your teeth' scriptural passages. A shame.

When we were kids our father used to take us to a Redmptorist Confraternity , at that time the Reds had a special vow to preach on hell instituted by thei founder, Saint Alphonsus Ligouri. They have dumped this vow long since. A tragedy.But those sermons would have blistered paint, I tell you.

I asked my Parish Priest if he would not preach on hell now and again and he openly laughed at me. I know I am regarded as an old fogey for my views on stuff like this. One time I jumped up and left Church in a middle of a visiting priests sermon. He was preaching on prayer and suggested that being naked in front of a candle while praying would help us relax and aid the prayer process. I didn't even complain, whats the use? I am not a theologian but now and again I suspect some of the sermons we are given are out and out heresy.

Sorry for the rant Joey. Ha! Ha! Had to get that of my chest.

In Saragossa there was a nobleman named Peter, a relation of Saint Dominic, but who was a most wicked man. One day when the Saint was preaching he saw Peter enter the church, and begged our Lord to manifest the state of that miserable sinner to the congregation. In an instant Peter appeared as a monster from Hell, surrounded and dragged about by many devils. Every one, even his wife, who was in the church, and the servants who accompanied him, began to fly. Saint Dominic then sent him word by a companion that he should recommend himself to Mary, and begin to recite the Rosary, which he also sent him. When Peter had received the message he humbled himself, sent to thank the Saint, and then had himself the grace to see the devils who surrounded him. He then confessed his sins with many tears to the Saint, from whom he received the assurance that they were already forgiven. He persevered in saying the Rosary; and became so holy, that one day our Lord made him appear in church in the presence of the whole congregation crowned with a triple crown of roses.

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