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Default How To Register - Join Us

The group is open to believing and practicing Catholics,
who agree not to post anything that contradicts or undermines
any teaching of the Magisterium,
and who agree to abide by the group rules:

If any Catholic Christian would like to join, you can e-mail me at the following address:
ronconte153 followed by @ followed by

Please include in the e-mail the following information:

1. Your real first and last name:

2. Your address:

3. The username you would like to use:

4. A statement in your own words to the effect that you are a believing and practicing Catholic, and that you agree to abide by the group rules.

I am requiring that persons who join give their real name and address because this discourages persons from joining to cause trouble, to promote doctrinal errors, etc. Members who behave in contentious or argumentative manner will be banned.

New members will not be able to use the PM (private messaging) system of the group, until some time has passed. After some time, new members will be updated to full membership status, at which point they can use the PM system.
Ron Conte
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