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There is no love in the Calvinist view.

In the Catholic view, God gives us free will and allows free will to truly decide between Heaven and Hell, between good and evil, because without a will that is truly free, there can be no love. God has chosen not to be the sole determinant of who is saved and who is condemned because He has chosen to create persons who can love. And love is only true if it is truly free. So God humbles Himself, acting by grace to make our will truly free, but also allowing us to choose salvation or condemnation.

In the Catholic view, God is powerful enough to take account of our free will decisions within Time as part of His eternal plan, and God is humble enough to allow our free will to determine our eternal final destination.

I think I've given sufficient explanation and reply to this particular calvinist.

It is foolish to continue arguing with someone who rejects both reason and the teachings of the Catholic Faith.
Ron Conte
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