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Default Supporting memberships

If any members would like to become supporting members, I would appreciate the help.

You must have previously posted or PMed me with a request to be a supporting member; I then add you to the supporting membership group.

How to pay:

Go to this page
and enter your Catholic Planet username in the text box,
then click the Subscribe button.

Only current members in good standing may subscribe to become supporting members. If you are a non-member reader of the discussion group, you may not subscribe to a supporting membership. Apply for membership first, then if you are accepted, you may become a supporting member.

This subscription is recurring, this means after the period is complete it will automatically be renewed. So you do not have to do this every month, but if you want to stop the monthly payments, you have to cancel the payment. You can cancel at any time (by going to and logging in to your account).

If you are already a supporting member, you don't need to do anything. This new PayPal Subscribe button is only for setting up new subscriptions.

Thanks to:


for being long-time supporting members!
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