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Default The Church's Position

It has been interesting to follow the visits of high ranking church officials to Medjugorje and their enthusiastic public comments during the past month. And as expected, the Bishop of Mostar continues to flood the public media with his campaign against the apparitions.

It will be even more interesting to see what actions are taken by the church if the Warning occurs on Good Friday. The Church seems to be in a NO-WIN position. It would be difficult to fail to recognize the validity of Medjugorje after a 3 day warning and then the occurance of a world wide event. It will also be difficult not to reconnize the validity of Garabandal as well, after 45 years of promotion by their faithful believers. Yet even a belated approval of these events will make the Church appear to be overly slow and careful in their evaluation of these supernatural events.

Prudence is probably appropriate in these situations. Cases like Padre Pio and Sister Faustina would indicate that the Church usually gets it right in the end.
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