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Tradition is the deeds of God in salvation history, and the preeminent deed is the salvific act of Christ on the Cross. Whenever we carry our crosses in our lives, we help to transmit Tradition. We also transmit Tradition by word, when we explain the Way of Christ to others.

The lives of the Saints and Blesseds and martyrs can be cited as examples in order to make a theological argument based on Tradition. We can learn from their example by reading about their deeds in their lives, which are like the deeds of Christ.

The words of the Fathers, Doctors, and Saints of the Church help to transmit Tradition (but those words are not Tradition itself). So those words can be cited in an argument based on Tradition, and can be a way to learn from Tradition. So read what the Fathers, Doctors, and Saints wrote.

We can learn from the spiritual life of the Church, which is yet another way that Tradition is transmitted, by reading about the history of the Church. For example, the TS on the Ecumenical Councils teaches us from Tradition.
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