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There are actual pictures of Padre Pio as a young man with stigmata clearly shown on the palm

Some pictures of Theresa Numan seem to show movement from one picture to the other, on the back on the hand

All others stigmatists show the palm.

I do find brother's post to be very convincing as it explains the shroud and the bible. However, it baffles me about where it resides on the stigmatists. It seems to me that God would put it in the proper place.

Another interesting fact is that the shroud shows the back portion of Christs hands and that is where the exit wound would have been in brothers post and pictures.

A final fact, assuming that the shroud is a fraud and only ~800 years old. At that time all paintings showed Him with wounds in the palms. Even well after artists painted Him with wounds in the palm. The counterfeiters would have wanted the shroud to be what was acceptable, so, in my opinion, this is even MORE evidence that it is authentic, because it went against the grain.

One one more note, Looking this up, all dating on the internet and in our children's school books have TAKEN Christ out of dates. Its not longer the TRUTH BC (before Christ) AD (after Christ), its not BCE(before the common era) CE(common era) - Just another way to remove God from our lives

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