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moderate peaceful Muslims interpret the "violent" passages of the Quran as figurative in meaning, similar to NT passages:
[1 Timothy]
{1:18} This precept I commend to you, my son Timothy, in accord with the prophets who preceded you: that you serve among them like a soldier in a good war,
{1:19} holding to faith and good conscience, against those who, by rejecting these things, have made a shipwreck of the faith.

My position in salvation theology is that Muslims who love God and neighbor have the state of grace by a baptism of desire, and they will have eternal life in heaven (as long as they do not die unrepentant from actual mortal sin).

Objectively, everyone should convert to Catholic Christianity. But if a person does not know this (invincible ignorance), and he is in good conscience, he can be saved without converting.

However, the violent extremists cannot be in good conscience. Some deeds are so horrific that no sane person could have a sincere but mistaken conscience in committing such acts.
Ron Conte
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