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Nature of the warning ?

If i see it right , between faithful in the world , there is a lot of running away from speculation on this matter. I remember reading one article on Garabandal , and in the end of the text , as conclusion , the author write: "After all being said , it is clear that it is impossible for us to guess what the warning is !!!"

Impossible ?

Hahahahahaha... not only that it is revealed that human kind already has a name for this occurance , but after all the revelations on the subject , i dont see how could anybody name more then two or three possible answers. Ron mentioned A like an angel. I saw people discusing A like an asteroide. Other than that , the only possible explanation that crossed my mind was A like ajeno , which stands for aliens in spanish...

Is there anybody with any other explanations ?

It would be quite funny to me , that from few milions "Garabandal catholics" in the world , there is not even one , in the whole world , that can hit the right answer of such a rare occurance , but we all have to wait to see it first , and then say: "Oh , how could we not remember of that..."

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