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Default Murder is murder. God gives life and takes it back.

Originally Posted by feyfifer View Post
Ron, I came across this report and wondered about the Catholic viewpoint about this. Okay, aborting a foetus with Down's Syndrome is wrong, but once far more critically serious disorders are predetermined in the genes of a foetus, should the pregnancy still be mandatorily completed from an ethical point of view?

What part of murder do we not understand. The commandment did not say not to kill if someone has less than 5 defects or 35 defects or 3500 defects.
When you accept that life is a gift given by the Father and protected by His Commandment, then who would dare interfere with God's plan. Would any of us want to stand before God and try to justify wrecking His plan for life and the world. When we stop life taking it's first breaths and seeing it's first daylight, we are usurping God's role. We are being Gods.

This video (link originally supplied by ExCelcius) says more than words will ever do:

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