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Sin has caused women to be mistreated, in various ways, to one extent or another, throughout human history. But sin can also result in any person being mistreated, in many various ways, regardless of gender or age.

On the other hand, there have always been, since the time of Christ, faithful men and women who lived virtuously, generally avoiding the sins of secular society, and treated one another with love and profound respect. And even before Christ, there were faithful men and women who were good examples among the Jews. And even before any Divine Revelation, by the light of reason and the grace of God, there were faithful men and women who treated one another with love and respect.

So the idea that true equality for women is only offered by modernism, by democracy, even by technology (e.g. the claim that contraception 'frees' women), is false and absurd.

But what many Christians do not understand is that, apart from the sins and failings that are common in the world in every age, men and women have different roles in the Church, the family, and society. Even in Paradise before the Fall, Adam and Eve had different roles. Adam was created first, and Eve second; Adam was created from dust, and Eve from Adam; Eve was created to be a helper to Adam. All this indicates a difference in roles not based on the sinfulness of society or culture.

But now that sin has entered into humanity, there are many sins, failings, imperfections, and a general severe disorder in society. And all this makes it difficult for us to understand the proper place given to each person, including any differences in roles based on gender.
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