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Originally Posted by Ron Conte View Post
But what many Christians do not understand is that, apart from the sins and failings that are common in the world in every age, men and women have different roles in the Church, the family, and society. Even in Paradise before the Fall, Adam and Eve had different roles. Adam was created first, and Eve second; Adam was created from dust, and Eve from Adam; Eve was created to be a helper to Adam. All this indicates a difference in roles not based on the sinfulness of society or culture.

To even suggest that today results in quite a backlash, especially from women. Satan had to create division and he did exactly that when he tempted Eve. Man and woman have separate roles and that is seen as backward today. To deny separate roles for each is a way of denying God the Creator and His plan for mankind. What is lacking today is humility and fear of God and being content with the role you have been given.

I hear things like: "That's not fair." or "That's not right." Yet, I doubt that Christ thought that when he was nailed to the Cross. Christ was nailed to the Cross and Mary, his Mother, watched and suffered. Both went through extreme suffering but their roles were different.
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