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Thank you Ron. But were these two natures in jesus at the same time in his earthly life? In other words, was Jesus true God when he was man during his earthly life or only when he left the world? or, for instance, the two natures were held interchangeably?

Moreover, jesus knew many supernatural things, does it come from his divine nature, or, he was inspired by the holy spirit while being merely in his human nature?


The two natures were united from the first moment of His conception, which was also the first moment of His Incarnation. And they remained always united throughout his earthly life, death, resurrection, and ascension. Even when his soul and body were separated in death, each remained united to His Divinity.

The one Person of Jesus Christ is the two natures.

Jesus had two minds, the mind of His Divine Nature and the mind of His human nature, and two wills, one for each nature. His infinite Divine mind knows all things all at once, in one act. His human mind is finite, and so has finite knowledge.

His human mind had knowledge directly from His Divine mind in the Beatific Vision of God, and infused knowledge from conception, and knowledge that he acquired in the usual human way, by learning.
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