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Originally Posted by zouxi View Post
Greetings Ron,

I learned that in modern and ancient times of the catholic church, especially when witchcraft and occult activities began to grow rapidly,there was something called "automatic excommunication",however this is not the case anymore, because excommuncation today needs special cases and a long process to abide by.

Why automatic excommunication is not applied anymore, and how such a sanction was declared practically?

Thank you.

Not true at all.

Canon Law still has several provisions of automatic excommunication for:

invalid attempted ordination of women
physical attacks on the Pope
and other cases

Apostasy, heresy, and schism automatically excommunicate, even apart from Canon Law, by the very nature of the offense. So there has always been automatic excommunication, and there always will be, as long as these sins persist.

The other type of excommunication is juridicial excommunication, and that requires a Bishop or other person with proper authority to judge the particulars of a case, and to issue a sentence of excommunication according to that judgment.
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