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We've been blessed to be part of this website (even the non-members readers) that helps us to learn a lot about our Faith and Church, I particularly have learned a lot here but the majority of the so called 'Catholics' who don't have a grown Faith, just think that going to Mass every Sunday and then adhere to what secular society says is ok.

This is what I just read today about what Dr. Jane Smith says regarding the disconnection of many Catholics with our Church teaching:

On the reasons why many Catholics today are disconnected from Church teaching, the noted professor offered two explanations. “One, is that the influence of the culture is just overwhelming – the prominence of the media and the slant of the media on everything. Catholics are going to Church at most, once on Sunday but they're watching TV and reading the media hours and hours and hours of every week.”

“So what's going to have more influence on them?” she asked. “Their Church or their culture?”

I think that Catholic school should not permit teachers that promote ideas contrary to what the Church teachers.

It would be ideal if teachers in schools not only teach with words but with deeds also.

Catholic Theology and Moral Theology classes should be mandatory in schools so our children would have a better understanding about our faith.

I know that there are many children, young adults and adults that when they go to have their first communion, then when they go to to Mass on Sundays, they have no idea that the Host they are going to receive is in fact the Body of Christ. They are not really aware about that. They just stand up to receive the Host because other people do it and if they want to. This is a worldwide problem.
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