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I had an interesting discussion the other day on the topic of lying as it relates to the illegal immigration issue. I live in a very diverse community with close to half the population immigrants (many illegal in status). Our priest gives a social just sermon nearly every homily and is a champion for the immigrants to the point of making the english congregation often times upset at him for seeminly supporting illegal immigration.

However, in my recent disucssion on this topic, it was mentioned that we have never heard a priest address the lying, fraud and steeling of ID's that illegals have to provide in order to work in the US. It's as if, because they are just looking for a better way of life that these are just "little white lies" that are overlooked by God for a good end.

How is it that our Church remains silent on this aspect of the immigration isssue, when as Ron written much on, it is an intrinsic evil? Can God over look this as the "end justifies the means"? Is our priests silence on this Christian?
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