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their question is When(what period) did God commanded us to make an image of God? why did the catholics makes an image of Christ.

God is the eternal Truth, and the Truth is the same yesterday, today and forever (Iím the Way, the Truth and the Life). Godís Truth is the same for all ages and time periods, and when the Church teaches us about a "new" dogma, it is actually a discovery of the same eternal Truth, so in reality, there is nothing "new" because the Truth is the same. Jesus Himself told His Apostles that there were some things that He was not going to tell them about that time, but that later on they will learn new things through the Holy Spirit (again, about the same unchangeable Truth). Therefore, the answer to your question relies in answering when did God command us NOT to make images of Himself? Never, in all time periods He never prohibited mankind about making images that represents His goodness and mercy, this implies that it was permissible and/or allowed by God to make images that represent Him since the very beginning.

We Catholics follow Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture and Sacred Magisterium, which reveal us that it was permissible by God to make images of Him since the beginning of time. He doesn't necessarily have to tell us explicitly "I command you to make and image about Me" in order for us to understand that it was always permissible by His goodness. God gave us intelligence, and since He has never prohibited us to make images of Him, it is logical that if we do so out of love for Him, He will love that, just as when a child makes a drawing about his father, even if the drawing is "ugly", it is not on the eyes of his father, and he loves it, he even puts it in his office for everyone else to see. I give you this analogy because Jesus Himself gave us analogies comparing God goodness with the goodness of a father with a son and God's is obviously infinitely greater.

When God told Moses to make the image of the serpent on the pole, right there that image represented God's Goodness, Love, and Mercy with a people that were so bad and ungrateful with Him, but some people did not see that because of lack of faith. Now that image has been brought to a higher level, which is the Image of Christ on the Cross, that is the image of God Himself.

[John 3]
{3:14} And just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, so also must the Son of man be lifted up,
{3:15} so that whoever believes in him may not perish, but may have eternal life.

In recent times, Jesus told St. Faustina Kowalska to make an image of Him, of how she saw him in a vision, but He told her so out of love and mercy for all of us, and for out own good and many people who venerate that image with open hearts, God bless them with many graces.

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