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Originally Posted by Ron Conte View Post
Also, it is commonly said in secular society, esp. among politicians, that abortion should be permitted in cases or rape, incest, and danger to the life of the mother. To the contrary, Catholic teaching states that all direct abortion is gravely immoral.

It is on this point above that politicians here in Ireland are attempting to introduce legislation on abortion, as only last week a case that went to the European Court was upheld regarding a woman who objected to not being allowed an abortion in Ireland.
I have not yet heard even one politician speak out against this, but in effect, the opposite has happened. When Cardinal Brady spoke out against abortion in the wake of last week's court judgement, he was rebuked, almost childishly, by a certain politician:

It is truly frightening that there are many men and women in government who have absolutely no regard for morality or ethics, and not even for a mere mention of faith or religion in the public forum. The most shocking thing is, this judgement from Brussels came from the European Court of human rights. If abortion is thus classed as a human right, then clearly a sense of sin has been greatly lost.

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