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Jeanne D'Arc
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I do have some things to report but I am having difficulty with my computer. I hope it works this time!
1. Mirjana did not say that she does not know about the Warning. When asked directly by one of the group she answered,"I cannot talk about that."
This led ALL OF US to believe that it may be one of the secrets.
2. I t was made VERY clear to us that there may be up to 50 secrets since none of the seers has discussed them among themselves and they may all have mostly different ones.
3. I was honored to have Vicka lay hands on me one afternoon on her porch. As we were walking by she was standing on her porch greeting pilgrims who were so surprised that she was still there since 7 am that morning. If you want to meet a truly holy person, she is your girl! The holiness is palpable.
4. We were blessed with daily instances of phenomena - the sun miracle, rainbows made of full circles. If I can figure out how, I will post the pic of the circular rainbow around the sun on a beautiful day there
5. My daughter who is 13 saw the Blessed Virgin on Mt. Krizevac. She is a changed person.
6. Mirjana also made it clear that Fr. Petar is NOT key to the secrets. That if his superior or the Pope wished to reveal the secrets then that is what would happen. If he were unable to do it someone else would. This was a new angle to me. Mirjana has chosen him, but things may occur that would make it impossible for him to do it, so it would still take place with or without him.

If I can think of anything wlse I will let you all know. I prayed for all your intentions and thank you for your prayers. What a beautiful week!!!

By the way, I am in the picture at the bottom of Michael Brown's article but I'm not telling you who I am!!!!
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