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Default Stefania caterina???

Greetings Ron,

I would like to know your vauable opinion about a claimed private revelation to a nun from Italy(or so-called) called stefania caterina...she wrote about a book about what Jesus told her called beyond the great barrier kindle edition and another book of her...

This is puzzling me, she claims that she visits other planets and that God has created other populations in other planets...she claims to receive messages from st. michael, the archangel rapahel and Jesus personally...

Hope you can find enough material to state out your verdict...

I will be waiting Ron, Thank you indeed.

N.B: I was reading last week something about vassula ryden and i did not know if she was real or not, i searched your website to find out the truth, and my skepticism was in place since she is fake and her messages are not from God.

Thank you.
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