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Default Eccl.49:19 "above every living creature is Adam"

Originally Posted by Ron Conte View Post
Jesus said that of all men born of women (i.e. conceived and born with original sin), none is greater than John. Jesus and Mary were free from original sin, so they are not included in those "born of women" in the usual way.

Saint Joseph is perhaps equal to Saint John the Baptist in holiness, since both men were freed from original sin within the womb. They were not born with original sin, since it was removed by their non-formal baptism in the womb. But each man still had concupiscence, and each was able by a special grace of God to avoid all personal sin.

It may be that Saint Joseph is in some way greater than John, since he was given care of the Holy Family. But in any case, since Saint Joseph was freed from original sin in the womb, he is not included in the expression: "among those born of women, there has arisen no one greater than John the Baptist" (Mt 11:11).

Which seer what it that said this?


where does Adam fit into this discussion?
and Enoch and Joseph? Eccl:14-19

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