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Default Missing mark in eschatology, how important ?

Hi Ron and Friends of CP.
I'm not discouraged or let down b/c Ron's eschatology date was missed yet again. I believe it's exponentially more important to 'hit the nail' when it comes to defending authentic Church teachings regarding the deposit of faith and morals as well as Scriptures and Tradition. That Mark Ron has not missed in my humble opinion.
On the other hand, if Warning does occur in 2017 (and history is any indication of future events), that year may be more in line with what occurred to the King of France 100 years after the original request to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart. 100 years after the 1917 Fatima apparitions, the Faith in the Church in practice has withered and been lost. Just think for a moment what's the official time most parishes allot to hearing confessions in a month. Really sufficient?
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