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Old 25th April 2011, 09:04 AM
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Default A Smile from India

Three sadhus(holy men) were up on their way to the Himalayan forests to sit in tapas (holy meditation) for inner purification and inspiration. They walked in a single file,(RED Indian style), led by the maha atmaav(the great soul or guru), then a senior hawk eyed priest and last a naive novice.

It wasnt long before they came to a fjord in the flooded river, where the water was normally only ankle deep, but innundated with the spring's melting snows, it now rose to shoulder level. A young woman stood disconcerted at the water's edge, obviously fearful to try crossing on her own.

The maha atmaav, deep in contemplative reverie, quite unconciously levitated himself above the water, apparently quite unmindful of mere earthly happenings. The elder priest sniffed disdainfully at the woman and quickly looked away as if in fear for his chastity. He too crossed the river, though at a significantly lower height than his guru.

The novice was overcome with compassion for this young girl that he forgot his priestly predilections and hoisted her on his shoulders and proceeded to cross the river. The novice could not levitate even a bit, so he was soon up to his neck in the icy water, while the girl squirmed and cried nervously, about his almost submerged head. Curious about the odd noises behind him the priest turned and was shocked and almost apoplectic by the sight he beheld. Nevertheless, the novice deposited the keenly grateful lady without event on the opposite bank and soon the trio were on their way again, but the priest was unrelenting of his outraged muttering at the incidence.
Finally they reached a clearing in the forest and prepared for tapas. The maha atmaav observed, “ Tat-sisyah,(my disciple) … I sense a turbulence in thee, pray explain.”
The priest related how the novice sullied not only himself but the whole purity of the tapas by touching a woman so intimately.
“Alas, sisyah..” said the guru, “whatever sin he committed he left at the riverside, but you have brought the memory of it all the way into our tapas sanctuary. So who is the real sinner sisyah?”
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