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Old 23rd July 2011, 03:36 PM
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Default Russian Prophecies

Some prophecies related to Russia:

(Interview with Albrecht Weber) Conchita of Garabandal: [things would begin]... "when Russia will unforeseenly and suddenly attack and flood a big part of the free world... God doesn´t want that to happen so quickly. In any case, the early warning will come when you see that the Holy Mass can be celebrated freely no longer; then the world will have the most necessary [need] that God intervene.”


Lucia of Fatima (7th April 1990): "The events taking place in Europe are a deception. Russia will be the scourge for all nations, because it was not converted. Russia attacks the West, and China invades in Asia."

Brother Adam (Wurzburg 1949): "The war will break out in the southeast, but that is only a ruse. Thus the opposition is to be misled; Russia long prepared its plan of attack. Each Russian officer has the movement order already in the bag and waits only for the word. First, the main thrust is effected against Sweden and is directed then against Norway and Denmark."

"At the same time sections of the Russian army will advance by West Prussia, Saxonia and Thuringia to the Rhine, in order to gain control of Calais and the Channel coast. In the south the Soviet army will join the Yugoslav army. Their armies will confederate to break in to Greece and Italy. The Holy Father must flee. He must flee fast, in order to escape the blood bath. Cardinals fall and bishops too are victims. Then they will try to advance by Spain and France to the Atlantic coast in order to unite with the army fighting in the north and to complete the military encirclement of the European mainland. The third Russian army, which task it is to occupy the left blank areas and to strengthen inland communism -- head office of the communist world government should not be Moscow, but Bamberg -- will be used no more, because the army is disturbed in its advance due to the revolutions in the south and is in rapid dissolution, while a great monarch determined by God will attack the army in the north at the Niederrhein and overpower it with the most modern weapons.
"In Saxonia, where the back-flooding army places itself again to the battle, it will be struck and destroyed. Thus the war is terminated in Germany. The remainder of Russia's staggering armies will be pursued deep into the internal parts of Russia and wiped out."

The monk of Werl, Cologne (1801): "There will be a terrible war; on one side will be the people who live where the sun rises, on the other all those who live where the sun sets. Russia will send out enormous masses of soldiers and Cossack cavalry. One will fight a long time without decisive result, until finally one comes to the country of the Rhine. There, one will fight so much during three days that the water of the Rhine will be reddened. This war will come when there is general contempt for religion. When nobody wants to obey any more, when one cannot distinguish the rich person from the poor, when the people give up themselves entirely to sensual pleasures, when iniquity reaches its climax believe that this time is close. What follows this battle: Peace will be returned to you, Germany; France will recover its king; the shepherd will bring the flock to its fold."
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Old 23rd July 2011, 04:07 PM
Ron Conte Ron Conte is offline
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I deleted a section of the post above because it contained a quote from someone on my list of false private revelations.

On the subject of Russia, at this point in time, according to Sister Lucia, Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI (assertions made in 2000 when he was Cardinal), the consecration to Russia was done correctly. So the harm predicted to occur IF Russia were not consecrated cannot occur.

My opinion is that, in the distant future, because the consecration is not repeated for each generation, Russia will rise up and cause great harm in the world, as Daniel predicts:

{7:3} And four great beasts, different from one another, ascended from the sea.
{7:4} The first was like a lioness and had the wings of an eagle. I watched as its wings were plucked off, and it was raised from the earth and stood on its feet like a man, and the heart of a man was given to it.
{7:5} And behold, another beast, like a bear, stood to one side, and there were three rows in its mouth and in its teeth, and they spoke to it in this way: “Arise, devour much flesh.”
{7:6} After this, I watched, and behold, another like a leopard, and it had wings like a bird, four upon it, and four heads were on the beast, and power was given to it.
{7:7} After this, I watched in the vision of the night, and behold, a fourth beast, terrible yet wondrous, and exceedingly strong; it had great iron teeth, eating yet crushing, and trampling down the remainder with his feet, but it was unlike the other beasts, which I had seen before it, and it had ten horns.

The first beast is the kingdom of the great monarch.

The second beast is Russia, which rises up in the 2100's, after the kingdom of the great monarch has been divided and loses its power.

The third beast is China allied with three other areas of the world (hence four heads); but this occurs in the 2200's.

The fourth beast is the kingdom of the ten kinds, rising up and ruling for most of the 2300's.

So I disagree with the assumption that these prophecies about Russia are for the near future. The predictions concerning the great monarch say that the Muslims conquer Europe in one war, and that the great monarch frees Europe in another war.
Ron Conte
Roman Catholic theologian
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