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Old 13th December 2010, 12:42 PM
Ron Conte Ron Conte is offline
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Default The Virgin Mary's grandmother

Irish scholar reveals who grandmother of Virgin Mary was
Extraordinary find in Florentine religious documents

"The great-grandmother of Jesus, grandmother of the Virgin Mary, was a woman named Ismeria, according to a University of Limerick lecturer/historian who has analyzed Florentine medieval manuscripts."

This assertion agrees with the private revelations to Blessed Emmerich:

Stolanus and Emorun had three daughters,
called, I remember, Ismeria and Emerentia, and a younger one whose name I think, was
Enue. They did not remain long at Mara, but moved later to Ephron. I saw that their
daughters Ismeria and Emerentia both married in accordance with the prophetic counsels of
the prophet on Horeb. (I can never understand why I have so often heard that Emerentia
was the mother of Anna, for I always saw that it was Ismeria.)

Ismeria married Eliud. They lived after the manner of the married Essenes in the region
of Nazareth. They had inherited from their parents the tradition of discipline and continence
in married life. Anna was one of their children. The first-born of Ismeria and Eliud was a
daughter called Sobe. Because this child did not bear the sign of the promise, they were
much distressed and again went to the prophet on Mount Horeb to seek counsel. Archos
exhorted them to betake themselves to prayer and sacrifice, and promised them consolation.
After Sobe’s birth, Ismeria remained barren for some eighteen years. When she again
became pregnant by God’s blessing, I saw that Ismeria was given a revelation at night. She
saw an angel beside her bed writing a letter on the wall. It seems to me that it was again that
letter M. Ismeria told her husband of it; he also had seen it in his sleep, but now, while
awake, they both saw the sign on the wall. After three months Ismeria gave birth to St.
Anne, who came into the world with that sign upon her body.

In her fifth year Anna was, like Our Lady, taken to the school in the Temple, where she
remained twelve years. She was brought home again in her seventeenth year, to find two
children there—her little sister Maraha, who had been born while she was away, and a little
son of her elder sister Sobe called Eliud. A year after this Ismeria fell mortally ill. As she lay
dying she spoke to all her relations and presented Anna to them as the future mistress of the
house. Then she spoke once more with Anna alone, telling her that she was a chosen vessel
of grace, that she must marry, and must seek counsel from the prophet on Mount Horeb.
Then she died.

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich
The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PDF)
Ron Conte
Roman Catholic theologian
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